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The many perks of industrial retrofit

Born from the fusion of the terms retroactive and refit, retrofit is the implementation of the typical features of means of transportation, buildings and industrial machinery, in order to update them.

In the industrial machinery field, this involves, in addition to technological and IT updating, an extension of the life of the machinery, preserving its positive characteristics and implementing its efficiency, blending in the concept of Industry 4.0.

At CCEA we have always been oriented towards innovation.

Energy saving and performance improvement are elements around which our work revolves and reflecting on the machines our lamps are installed in.

Retrofit and restoration

It is essential here to express a fact: retrofitting and restoring are two very different processes.

In fact, restoration only aims at preserving the conditions in order to make the machinery or another intervention subject "resist" for a longer time.

Retrofit, on the other hand, has the purpose of implementing the efficiency of the system from multiple points of view: for exmple energy consumption levels, production performance and technological advancement.

Lighting retrofit

The retrofit process in the field of industrial machinery is divided into four different points:

  • software update

  • electronics update

  • control computer update

  • components update

The latter is of particular interest to us, as it includes the replacement of one or more parts involving the lighting of the machinery.

A good lighting engineering retrofit of a machine, thanks to the precise conformation of the new lamps installed, does not involve the intervention on the very structure, with holes or extraneous components for example. Those would compromising the IP protection level of the machine itself.

The retrofit process of the lighting components of an industrial machine brings many advantages:

  • greater energy efficiency thanks to LED technology

  • reduction of consumption

  • increase in productivity thanks to improved visibility for the operator

  • extension of the life of the machine

Our style of retrofit

When we design a lighting device, we always start from the current situation of a given machine: the dimensions of the slot where to install the lamp, the installation accessories of the device, its size. We also take care to carefully design the installation mechanism itself and the lamp power supply, which must integrate perfectly with the current conditions of the machinery. Therefore, no holes: the frame and the shape of the machine do not get altered in the lighting retrofit process with our lamps.

This allows us to intervene with minimum impact and maximum speed, allowing immediate energy optimization as well as a significant increase in production terms.

Innovation guides us, but at the same time, to fully meet the needs of our customers, we follow precise design logics.

We can say that many of the measurements of the devices we have designed have compact dimensions while maintaining the same interaxle spacing as old industrial lighting systems that are now dated, which in this way can be comfortably and easily replaced. Even the position of the connections, and many other aesthetic features originate from needs relating to the systems to be replaced. Innovation always begins with a need for improvement, with a problem to be solved.

Why retrofit

Deciding to invest heavily in retrofitting, whether or not including lighting engineering, is a choice that, as we have seen, brings great benefits. But it is essential to follow some precautions.

We suggest to give the right time to design and to the choice of products for the new installation: connections, features and functionality must be carefully evaluated, in order to effectively extend the life and productive performance of the machine.

To get the maximum benefit it is essential to rely on expert and qualified technicians.


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