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How to choose the right LED light for your industrial workspace

As we reported in our most recent article, offering the right illumination condition to the manufacturing operator, is as fundamental as easy, given you ask for the help of an estabilshed and trustworthy supplier.


It's clear that the technical lighting market, today, is rapidly increasing its offer to machine producers and industrial plant managers. From technology, to smart devices able to communicate with all kind of machines and even testing the quality of the air inside the work environment, to design, lighting technology is leading the way in the productivity management field.

Today, we choose to analyze the chances given by three specific groups of industrial LED lights, focusing on their shapes:

  • tube lights,

  • surface-mounted lights,

  • flush-mounted lights.


Tube LED lights are often a preferable lighting option in industrial applications where space is an issue.

Their slim profile makes them perfect for applications such as CNC machines, laser cutting machines and lathes. Thanks to their resistance to liquids, they are often picked for applications involving the use of water, for example bottling machines.

Tube LED lights are also the solution of choice when evaluating a retrofitting operation on outdated machinery. It's extremely important for the diameter of the tube light to be compatible with the existing space in order not to alter the original configuration of the machine.

It's clear that any tube LED light can be installed also on workbenches or more in general on work areas, thanks to their wide and bright luminous flux.

Tube lights can also be mounted directly onto CNC machine or suspended above it to provide bright and directional lighting for precision work.


Surface mounted machine lights are the perfect solution where a powerful, yet strong illumination is required, but there's no issue regarding space. They are the main industrial solution for illumination of machines where flush mounting is not possible.

Thanks to their front protection and IP level, CCEA surface mounted machine lights are suitable for a huge number of industrial applications. From CNC machines, to manual tools such as vertical drills, to milling machines. But they perform well also as work area lights, when installed on workbench frames. They can also be oriented, exactly like tube lights, thans to mounting kits, such as stainless steel side brackets or clips.


Flush mounted machine lights can be real life savers in case of lack of space. For example inside deep hole drilling machines, lathes, rectifying machines or even vertical storage systems. In this cases, the lillumination system is required to resist to metal chips and liquids in some cases, or even to perform in explosion risk environments. That's where an ATEX certification is necessary for these kind of machine lights.

Flush mounted lights give their best when mounted in special environments such as spray booths or control booths. This kind of lights take no space on the surface allowing the machine to moove freely inside the machine, or letting the operator room enough to perform the application. For this reason flush mounted machine lights are the lights of choice in the automotive and aerospace industry fields.


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