Brighter, sizeless

  • LED tech
  • Custom cable
  • CE mark
  • Focused beam
  • Integrated Driver System
  • Eco-Power




We hid the lamp, keeping the same light flow. The ANTARIO series, with its extra-slim structure, is the ideal lighting system for large machines that need to keep internal space clutter-free. Its powerful beam (up to 9800 lumen) is generated by combining high-efficiency mini Power LED circuits and a prismatic cone diffuser. Its light colour Daylight CRI80 has been specially designed to provide a natural light that does not strain the eyes or distort colours. Available in 4 sizes, built-in or external version, it allows direct connection in 24 Vdc without additional components. Suitable for CNC machines and cleaning booths.


  • Exceptionally powerful luminous flux up to 9800 lumen 
  • Minimum sizes
  • High degree of protection IP67 
  • Available with cable + M12 connector
  • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection
  • Protection against reverse polarity



Order code Watt Power supply Dimensions Flow beam Download
ANTARIO27.I 27 W 24Vdc 315×104×27 mm 2800 lm User manual  PDF
ANTARIO42.I 42 W 24Vdc 444×104×27 mm 4200 lm User manual  PDF
ANTARIO68.I 68 W 24Vdc 702×104×27 mm 7000 lm User manual  PDF
ANTARIO96.I 96 W 24Vdc 960×124×27 mm 9800 lm User manual  PDF

Wiring and fastenings


Power supply unit AC-DC 110/230V-24Vdc – 60W


Power supply unit AC-DC 110/230V-24Vdc – 100W