Industrial LED lamp

  • LED tech
  • CE mark
  • Focused beam
  • Eco-Power



The LSF is an industrial LED lamp with concentrated light thanks to  8°-25°-40° lenses. It is designed with unipolar switch and 3 last generation power LED that provide a white flicker-free light that che doesn't tire the eyes and doesn't alter the colours. The stainless steel flexible arm allows you to position the lamp as desired, yet guaranteeing full stability and resistance.

Applications: particularly suitable for the lighting of cutting machines, sewing machines, stitching machines, workbenches.



Order code Watt Power supply Dimensions Flow beam Download
LSF.3L.08.70.N/B 3 W 110V-230V 370 lm Technical datasheet PDF, User manual  PDF
LSF.3L.25.70.N/B 3 W 110V-230V 320 lm Technical datasheet PDF, User manual  PDF
LSF.3L.40.70.N/B 3 W 110V-230V 310 lm Technical datasheet PDF, User manual  PDF
LSF.3L.08.70.DIM.N/B 3 W 110V-230V DIM. 370 lm User manual  PDF
LSF.3L.25.70.DIM.N/B 3 W 110V-230V DIM. 320 lm User manual  PDF
LSF.3L.40.70.DIM.N/B 3 W 110V-230V DIM. 310 lm User manual  PDF

Wiring and fastenings


Magnetic base B01


Metal clamp