CCEA Technical Lighting


Flexibility and precision for quality control

  • LED tech
  • CE mark
  • Focused beam
  • Eco-Power


The combination of next-gen Power LEDs with high colour rendering and biconvex optical glass lenses makes the BIG1 the perfect magnifying lamp for inspection electronic components during precision manufacturing or for any work that requires maximum accuracy. Equipped with a PVC coated flexible arm, it can be easily adjusted as necessary. Available with two different lenses, 1.0x or 1.9x, the BIG1 is the perfect choice if you need to pay the utmost attention to every detail.

  • Two lenses available: 1.0x and 1.9x
  • Lamp with LED circuit with 120° diffused lighting
  • Extensive freedom of movement thanks to its flexible arm

Technical drawings All values in mm

Technical data

Power supply 230V
Watt 6,0 W
IP IP20-40
LED type Power LED
Lifespan 50000 h
Beam 640 lum - 120°
Color 5000 K - CRI75
Structure ABS and polycarbonate
Fastening CLAMP03/B01
Cable PVC



Magnetic base B01


Metal clamp