Efficiency and versatility for industrial lighting

  • LED tech
  • Custom cable
  • CE mark
  • Focused beam
  • Integrated Driver System
  • Eco-Power


There are no better solutions than the JOB PL series for industrial lighting. Thanks to our creativity and design here at C.C.E.A., we are able to offer a versatile lamp which can be installed on workbenches or mounted on ceilings as general lighting. The IP65 aluminium structure and polycarbonate cover make it perfect for use in industrial environments, even around dust. The colour of the 5000 K light does not distort colours or strain the eyes, making this lamp perfect for workstations where operators’ eyesight is subject to stress throughout the entire day.

  • High degree of protection IP65
  • Flicker-free, anti-glare uniform industrial lighting
  • Lighting source with 60,000 hours of average life
  • 50% energy saving
  • I.D.S. technology for direct 24Vdc connection



Order code Watt Power supply Dimensions Flow beam Download
JOBPL2.50 13 W 24Vdc 386×70×54 mm 1400 lm
JOBPL5.50 34 W 24Vdc 686×70×54 mm 3500 lm
JOBPL7.50 47 W 24Vdc 986×70×54 mm 4900 lm
JOBPL10.50 68 W 24Vdc 1286×70×54 mm 7000 lm

Wiring and fastenings


Fastening accessories


Power supply unit AC-DC 110/230V-24Vdc – 60W


Power supply unit AC-DC 110/230V-24Vdc – 100W