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The LED revolution for spray booths

  • LED tech
  • Custom cable
  • CE mark
  • Focused beam
  • Integrated Driver System
  • Eco-Power
  • Atex


In compliance with Atex norm 94/9/CE, the EX lamp uses a next-gen LED lighting system for installation inside spray booths, for areas II3G/II3D. Available in 3 versions, it has been designed with a coated aluminium structure and a special cover with tempered glass and a prismatic cone diffuser which optimises its anti-glare effect, but still maintains a constant flow of light. Together with major booth manufacturers, we have developed the best colour of light, Daylight CRI75, to optimise the colour rendering and provide the best quality control solution, which will identify spray defects as best as possible. Thanks to its structure, the EX can be assembled five times faster than a traditional fluorescent ceiling light, thereby providing a substantial saving in terms of time and cost. If we consider that the paint booth is on 800 hours a year, the EX lamp would be replaced after 60 years since it lasts more than 50.000 hours. This means more than the spray booth itself.

  • Duration and consistency over time: the LED light source keeps its properties unchanged during the whole of its useful life, while the neon tubes gradually consume the gas inside generating a progressive loss of efficiency. The Power LED technology ensures a minimum 50% energy saving compared to fluorescent lighting and, unlike fluorescent tubes, ensures a constant light output over the time, while keeping the same luminous efficiency.
  • User safe : Filters and optics make the EX series photobiological risk-free according to EN 62471:2009, creating a safe environment for the eyes of the operators.
  • Low tension: The I.D.S. system (Integrated Driver System) allows the direct connection to 24 Vdc, without additional components, in compliance with international standards on low voltage.
  • Energy saving: The Power LED technology ensures a 50% energy saving compared to fluorescent lighting
  • Flicker-free: unlike fluorescent tubes, LED lamps have no stroboscopic effect and does not tire the eyes, increasing the feeling of well-being and preventing visual disturbances.
  • Monochromatic light, excellent color rendering: object color might vary depending on the characteristics of the light. For a perfect color rendering of any polychrome object, the light has to be composed by all the radiation of the visible spectrum. The LED has a light spectrum that covers the frequencies of the solar spectrum and thus allows a paint color rendering  much more similar to the real one and therefore better detection of spraying defects. Also in this way the operator sight doesn't need ti make efforts to adapt to an artificial light, thus avoiding disturbance to vision such as redness, burning and fatigue.
  • Thanks to its structure, installation time decreases up by five times compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, ensuring a huge save of time and money.

Technical drawings All values in mm

Technical data

EX68 EX96 EX110
Power supply 24Vdc 24Vdc 24Vdc
Watt 68,0 W 96,0 W 110,0 W
IP IP67-68 IP67-68 IP67-68
LED type Power LED Power LED Power LED
Lifespan 60000 h 60000 h 60000 h
Beam 7000 lum - 120° 9800 lum - 120° 11200 lum - 120°
Color 6500 K - CRI80 6500 K - CRI80 6500 K - CRI80
Structure Painted aluminium Painted aluminium Painted aluminium
Coverage Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Glass 4 mm tempered glass 4 mm tempered glass 4 mm tempered glass
Diffuser PMMA prismatic diffuser PMMA prismatic diffuser PMMA prismatic diffuser



Power supply unit AC-DC 110/230V-24Vdc – 100W


Power supply 110/230V 120W