CCEA Technical Lighting

What is the right light? The correct parameters for the industrial lighting.


The EU norm EN 12464-1 specifies lighting requirements for indoor workplaces, which meet the needs for visual comfort and performance. These parameters, such as the distribution of light, the direction of light and color rendering, are aimed at preserving the visual integrity and the psychological and physical comfort of the operator and must be kept in mind when we speak of "proper lighting" . To enable people conducting effective and accurate visual tasks in the workplace is necessary to ensure adequate lighting, which depends on the type and duration of the activity and the type of environment. It 's very important to provide an accurate and correct lighting in the workplace in order to preserve the integrity of the line of sight, ensuring safety and physical and mental wellbeing. For good lighting practice it is essential that in addition to the required illuminance, qualitative and quantitative needs are satisfied. Lighting requirements are determined by the satisfaction of three basic human needs: visual comfort, where the workers have a feeling of well-being; in an indirect way also contributing to a high productivity level safety visual performance, where the workers are able to perform their visual tasks, even under difficult circumstances and during longer periods Also with regard to the work machines there are regulations on lighting in order to preserve the security and integrity of the operator.

Directive 2006/42/EC on machines work, claims that machinery must be equipped with proper lighting for the working operations, and where the lack of appropriate lighting devices may create a hazard to the operator. In particular, the Directive specifies that if the internal part of the machine are subject to frequent inspection and maintenance, they must be equipped with adequate lighting. Good lighting in the work place is essential to optimize performance of all workers. The beneficial effects of good lighting are now known much more thoroughly than in the past. Over the past two decades, medical science has consistently shown that light can have a positive impact on health and wellness. It is demonstrated that proper lighting helps to increase productivity by up to 8% and improve performance during the course of the working activities. Thirty years of experience in the lighting field has allowed C.C.E.A. to study many cases and to achieve excellence in the design of lighting systems.

The Power LED technology has allowed us to add more quality to the products, which today are used in the workplace, ensuring well-being and increasing security. The monochromatic light, flicker-free LED light allows the operator to work in optimal light conditions for many years. The color degree of the LED light is suitable for the workplace, since it is similar to the natural light of the sun (5500 K). In this way the eyes do not have to make efforts to adapt to an artificial light, avoiding eye disturbs such as redness, burning and stress. C.C.E.A. knows very well the needs of each workplace: for example, we have designed a series of lamps especially for use on industrial machines, work benches and machine tools. Assembled entirely in compliance with the regulations on lighting in the workplace, these lighting systems reduce eyestrain during working hours. For those operators working on the sewing machine, we studied a lighting system that can be easily connected to the machine and can be directed at will. Minimum space, maximum yield.